November 23, 2014

PINK afternoon tea 2014

Hostess's gifts

MEGA - MEGA MANY THANKs to all of my amazing girls friends, who took part this afternoon in my third pink fund-raising afternoon tea for their support, generosity and positive response to my invitation.

Together we have donated an amazing 500 DKK, which has been transferred to, as this charity is accepting any amount of money without demands to specific value compared to other charities here in Denmark, which "demand" certain specific amount of money.

The afternoon started in my new kitchen, where very single drawer was carefully examined by my good girl friends. Afterwards we moved into the dining table, which was filled with all plenty of baked goods.

It turned out to be something of afternoon tea, as two of my girls friends were telling they were moving on with new job opportunities !!! I am so excited on their behave, I wish both of you all the best with these new job positions :-)

It had been something of a challenge to bake in my new oven for the very first time !!! The baking time is quiet longer in the new oven compared to my old oven, so I have to learn to increase the oven temperature with approx 10'C or increase the baking time with 10-20 minutes.

The first eatable stuff on the menu was a Christmas flavoured scones with plenty of butter, various spices, orange peel and sucat. Wonder taste & texture :-)

The cake of the afternoon tea menu was a mixture between a brownie and a muffin in form of brownie -muffin, which has an excellent chocolate taste.

The other cake part was a Christmas cheese cake, where I had just cherry sauce as topping on a classic cheese cake recipe.

The third cake was a tea bread with more than a touch of Christmas.

For the small sweet tooth I have made caramels with cashew nuts and sea salt and German version of "brunkager" (brown Christmas cookies)

All the many recipes will be a part of the coming Christmas Calender 2014, so this PINK afternoon tea has giving me a good boost of blog posts.

Even though I have asked my good girls friends NOT to bring any hostess gifts with them for this PINK afternoon tea, some of them came along with some home-made Christmas cookies, quince candy, crisp bread and some lovely liquorice tea - I will enjoy all these wonderful gifts :-)

November 21, 2014

Apple juice of home-grown Philippa apples

This is another recipe, which I have located in the IRMA magazine called "Krydderiet", issue 3 August 2014. I am living the part of Denmark, where we have no access to IRMA, which is primarily located in the area of Copenhagen, as it is more price expensive Danish supermarket chain like M&S in UK.

Anyway, my mother lives in the Copenhagen area, so she picks up the IRMA magazine for me, as she knows I am keening on trying out new food recipes.

As I noticed, that the harvested Philippa apples were getting wrinkled skin, I decided to turn them into apple juice, as a way of preserving their wonderful taste for some more time instead of panic eating my way through these apples or feeding them to the blackbirds living around my garden.

There is no need to throw out the boiled apple pieces, as they can be used as mashed apple (æblemos), either eaten with milk, yogurt or turned in the classic Danish apple cake. You can adjust the sweetness in this apple mash by stirring in sugar, before storing it cold/frozen.

Apple juice a la IRMA: - approx 1 liter
  • 1 l water
  • 200 g sugar
  • 2 organic lemons - zest and juice
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon
  • 1000 g apple - peeled, cored and cut into boat shape
  1. Put water, lemon zest, lemon juice and sugar into a large cooking pot.
  2. Add in cinnamon stick and apple pieces into the water.
  3. Cook up this "apple soup", and let it boil gently for 15 minutes with the lid on the cooking pot.
  4. Remove the cooking pot from the heat, and let the content inside the cooking pot cool down,
  5. Pour everything through a sieve into a large bowl.
  6. Remove the cinnamon sticks and save the mashed apples for later use as apple compote. Adjust the sweetness level by adding in extra sugar in this apple mash.
  7. If you want a more clear apple juice, sieve the juice one more time, perhaps through a coffee filter.
  8. Prepare the storage bottles by filling them with boiling water. Another thing you can do to increase shelf-life of the apple juice is to store the juice cold in the refrigerator or place them in the freezer.

November 18, 2014

Sydney Breakfast tea for my tea pot 27

I have received this tea a gift from an Australian work colleague, as she knows I am a keen tea enjoyer. And the flavour profile fits perfect into my taste preference for Earl Grey style teas, as it is black tea with a hint of bergamot.

I enjoy this tea sending warm thoughts down under :-)

November 16, 2014

Hook for tea towel - kitchen equipment 25

It is not only the kitchen fitter, which has been using the power drill in my kitchen during the last couple of days.

This morning I was also practising my none existing handy-woman skills with a power drill putting up this Kähler hook for tea towels.

Both power drill, kitchen wall, hook and myself are all safe and sound !!!

November 15, 2014

The kitchen is ready for moving in

Today is the big moving day for my new kitchen:-) And it is "almost" done !

The following things is still missing:
  • The carpenter still needs to put up the baseboards along the kitchen floor, which will be done next week.
  • Replacing the black granite counter top with a "real" light granite counter top including the kitchen sink. The original tabletop broke under the fitting process at stone shop.
  • Treatment of granite worktops with anti-stain so that the surface be closed off  for liquid.
  • Setting up the glass on half-wall next to the hob.
  • Setting up the ceramic tiles on the wall below the cabinets. So here I am living with a "rough cool look".
I will let the pictures speak for themselves, while I begin to fill all the many cupboards and drawers with all my kitchen stuff.

I wish you a nice week-end out where on the other side of the screen.

Køkkenet er parat til indflytning

I dag er den store indflytningsdag i mit nye køkken :-) Og jeg er "næsten helt" på plads !

Helt specifikt mangler der følgende ting:
  • Snedkeren mangler at få opsat fodlister, hvilket sker i næste uge.
  • Udskiftning af den sorte granitbordplade med en "rigtige" lyse granitbordplade inkl køkkenvask. Den oprindelige bordplade knækkede nemlig under udskæringen.
  • Behandling af granitbordpladerne med anti-plet, så overfladen lukkes af overfor væske.
  • Opsætning af glas på halvvæggen ved kogepladerne.
  • Opsætning af keramikfliser på væggen omkring overskabene. Så her lever jeg med et "råt look".

Jeg vil lade billederne tale for sig selv, imens jeg går i gang med at flyde alle de mange skabe og skuffer op med alt mit køkkenhabengut.

God weekend derude på den anden side af skærmen.

November 13, 2014

Happy birthday to Kitchen of Kiki - 4 years old

Birthday cake in form of Danish lagkage

Happy birthday to my little blog !!!! 

Today my blog is passing another little milestone in form of four years of activity. You have been able to follow all the activities on-going in my little kitchen sometimes with guest appearance of the local star Hannibal the Cat :-) You have also had the opportunity of virtual walking together with me on hiking tours and seeing the progress on my few knitting projects.

And for the last three weeks you have followed the progress in my kitchen project, where I am replacing my old old HTH kitchen. I will in the near future post plenty of photos from the new kitchen and kitchen floor.

Before the BIG kitchen project took over my kitchen life, I participated in July in a jam competition arranged by the magazine Isabellas and Dansukker, where you could forward your formulation on home-made jam. And my apricot jam with lavender was awarded as one of the five best home-made Danish jams of 2014 :-) I am quiet proved of this achievement.

Again I have decided to celebrate this fourth blog birthday with a give-away competition :-)

Your contribution is to leave a comment regarding either what you really like about this blog and/or where you could see room for improvement/development. I will at the end of this month draw one lucky winners among your comments.
You can leave your comment in either Danish or English depending on your preferred language.

The price is the marzipan cooking book called "Kager, desserter & konfekt - Stjernestunder & Gæster" from Odense Marcipan. This cooking book is written in Danish.

The winner will be selected at random from all comments received full-filling the above mentioned requirement. The winners will be notified within 1 week after the closing date. The price is as stated, so no cash alternatives are available. This give-away is open to EU + Nordic countries entrants only.

The closing of this blog birthday give-away is Sunday 30 November 2014 at 20.00 (CTE time zone).

And as usual yet another update on my KPIs for the blog, which look like this (In my professional life colleagues and managers are discussing Key Performance Indicators on a regular basis):

Review day: 13 November 2014 - 4 year birthday
Start day - first posting: 13 November 2010
Development on "Hjemmebagt": 73 recipes - 34 accomplished = 39 recipes to bake
Amount of cooking books in my kitchen: 58 books
Page views: 173.152
Publish posts: 941 incl. this
Followers: 16
Blogs followed: 17
Top blog posts during these four years:
  1. Plums in port a la Dansukker
  2. TUC cake
  3. Dinner at"Mad hos Mads, Horsens
  4. Tea shopping at Kusmi in Paris
  5. Wheat buns (varme hveder) for the Great Prayer Day
  6. Help in kitchen - kitchen equipment 23
  7. Skovtursmuffin - picnic muffin
  8. Pomegranate marzipan cake
  9. Paleo (stone-age diet) chocolade cake
  10. Meeting some Danish food bloggers in REAL life
There has been some movements on this overall top 10-list. However, 5 of these blog posts were also on the this list last year (TUC cake, dinner at "Mad hos Mads", Horsens, shopping for tea at Kusmi, Paleo (stone-age diet) chocolate cake and meeting some Danish food bloggere in REAL life).

None of the blog postings published here in 2014 have made into this overall top-10 list.

So if I should have a description of you as blog reader of "Kitchen of Kiki" based on the overall top 10 list  I would say that:
  • you like me has a "sweet tooth" towards cakes and desserts (4 posts)
  • you like to drink tea and you are a keen fan of Kusmi tea (like I am)
  • you like to eat at restaurants (1 posts)
  • and finally you like to meet new people with similar interest (1 post)
  • and you like to get a helping in the kitchen (1 post)
Among the top 10 post written within the last year you will find:
  1. Blood orange jam
  2. Hindbærsnitter "raspberry cutting" a la Mette Blomsterberg
  3. Knitted plaid
  4. Knitted plaid after 4 weeks of knitting
  5. Tapas menu from Hotel Hedegaarden, Vejle
  6. Walnut cream cake a la Svinkløv Badehotel
  7. Cake lunch at Conditoriet La Glace
  8. Barbecue evening of 2014
  9. Knitted plaid after 1 week of knitting
  10. Twelfth night cake a la Country Living
So describing your interest during the last year as blog reader, I would say:
  • you have maintained your "sweet tooth" towards cakes (4 posts are cake recipes)
  • you maintained your desire for dinning with friends and family at home (2 posts)
  • you like home-made jam (1 post)
  • and you are interested in knitting (3 posts)
Page view per country:
  • Canada: 1%
  • Ukraine: 1%
  • Norway: 1%
  • Portugal: 1%
  • Germany: 3%
  • France: 4%
  • UK: 4%
  • Russia: 7%
  • Other countries: 24%
  • Denmark: 25%
  • USA: 29%
I have more reader coming from out-side Denmark, where USA accounts for this growth in non-Danish readers together with Russia, Germany and UK. I find it amazing, that I have readers around the world, which perhaps are grabbing some inspiration from my little kitchen. You are more than welcome inside for a virtual cup of tea :-) 


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